Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Diapers, Dogs & Daypacks

For some time now my husband has been urging me to follow through with an idea I had. Diapers, Dogs & Daypacks. Simply put, it's hints on how to more fully enjoy being in the outdoors with your kids and man's best friend. I started a new blog that will hopefully encourage anyone who is interested. Take a look!

Friday, January 18, 2008

What's that? You like my dress!

So the boys play basketball and have Super Bowl parties but us girls...we have Classy Lady Night! My friend Becca gave me the idea to have a themed girls night. The theme was, "Outdated Prom Dress Night" We got together in our killer apparel and ate good food and handed out prizes from none other than D.I. It was a great time and I'm so grateful for my Helper girls (Amanda, Dev, Heather and Amy) who seem to be as easily amused as me! Thanks Girls!

Cute pictures

I thought these pictures were cute. These kids are growing so fast. Each time I put them to bed at night they seem to wake up bigger. . . and smarter! Check her out reading the dictionay! That's my girl.


We now know THE place to go sledding in Carbon County. This hill provides speeds up to 50 mph. Jut ask Cru's friend Kendal. She ended up in the parking lot under a truck. Just jump...Bail ...Bail! OH! OUCH! After a few runs we had people at the bottom designated to stop any runaway sleds.


A shout out to all moms ....Has anyone else felt like this at times? All comments are welcome and needed to make me feel sane! :)

Happy Birthday Damon!

So the Old Man had another birthday! 31 wowzer! His favorite is cheesecake but I didn't dare put Utah Ute red strawberries on it configured with the "Y" shaped candles. So the boys chose out some blueberry topping to stick with the theme. What a hottie! LOVE YA DAMON