Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Boys!

Well, two of my very favorite people in the whole world had birthdays this month. And I thought I'd gush over why they are at the top of my list...

Damon: 32 years old

1.) He's a great DaddyO and lets all the kiddies beat him up every night during beanbag wrestle mania.

2.) He keeps my frozen toes warm at night

(don't you think this should be his MySpace profile screams "i need friends")

3.) He's super fine...even without the beloved soul patch

4.) He has an amazing teaching ability

5.) He's a hard worker and takes such good care of his family

Cru: 7 years old

1.) He still lets me cuddle and squeeze him...when his friends aren't around.

2.) He's the best big brother, patient, loving, and giving.

3.) Like his dad he loves pizza...easy to please.

4.) He is up for trying anything new...see mutton busting post :)

5.) He'll boogy down with me to my 80's rock music.

I love you guys! Happy Birthday!

Oh and I thought I'd share what I gave Damon for his birthday. With the generous help of Heather and Cody (thanks guys) I put up this saying on the molding of our porch. I thought it appropriate for our devoted BYU Courgar fan.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby Banana

Ava has been coming up to me in the last couple days saying "baby banana", over and over again. I would offer her a banana and she'd freak out. Then I'd offer her her baby dolls. That didn't work either. Finally I picked her up and said "show me Ava". She pointed and lunged to our DVD case. We flipped through it until we came to "Kung Fu Panda". She giggled with excitement and the tears dissapeared as she smiled and said "BABY BANANA!"
Baby Banana has now became the name of this movie. Some things you just can't correct in a two-year-old. It's just too cute.