Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun At Grandma and Grandpa Bryants

For one of our last summer trips of 2008 we went to Idaho to spend a great weekend of fun at Grandma and Grandpa Bryant's! It included a birthday bash for my dad who is now 70! We all pitched in and got him a paddleboat for the reservoir. Chris brought in some sand with the dump truck (which had no brakes...that takes skill) and made a nice beach area too. It was such fun for all of us, especially the grandkids. Great Grandma Nita came up and sat on the beach for a while and enjoyed the festivities with us.
Dad christened the boat with a bottle of sparkling cider naming her "The Black Mesa Schooner". He and the grandkids then took her out on her maiden voyage. Not quite like a river boat but we don't have to worry about rapids or rocks here. ;-) Well, Egan and Mason managed to find some I guess.
Hopefully mom and dad will get some good use out of dates on the water with creme sodas and the top down! Whoo Hoo!
The rest of the visit we raided the strawberries in the garden, played football, ate yummy food and enjoyed the beautiful home grandma and grandpa have created together!