Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blue and Gold Banquet

Well I took part in my first ever Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet...I think I'm an official Bear leader now. It was a Chinese New Year theme and we went all out! Pizza and salad...eaten with chopsticks. Okay so we didn't make it extravagant but we had fun and the boys made a cool dragon that they ran around in. I think the boys are finally warming up to me. After they saw I own a pair of Vans and know that I play playstation they actually talk to me now. I guess we just needed somthing in common! Go BEARS!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Black Dragon

Well after two weeks of being sick our family finally escaped the stale air in our home and went to a cool slot canyon about 1 hour from our house. It's called Black Dragon. Pretty amazing place. We enjoyed the 45 degree weather and the fresh air. We were the first to arrive at the canyon but while we were exploring we had about 5 horses and riders pass us and two trucks and later two suped up landcruisers. It was nice to see that the warmer weather was drawing out all crowds. We saw some pretty crazy indian art and a neat cave also.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Valentine!

I got tagged by Amanda! My answers are common in this area. Sorry! I hope someone gets entertained.
HOW OLD IS DAMON: 31! And not one ear hair yet!
WHO EATS MORE: Dinner-Damon Dessert-Me
WHO SAID "I LOVE YOU' FIRST: I don't qite remember.
WHO IS TALLER: Damon, perfect hugging height.
WHO SINGS BETTER: Damon...I scare small children unfortunately.
WHO IS SMARTER: Uh-hum..is he going to be reading this? Yesterday I watched him play with the salad spinner for a good 5 minutes before he asked me what it was.
WHO DOES THE LAUNDRY: Me and my little clothes sorter Ava. I find at lest 6 pairs of socks in the garbage, in the kitchen drawers and in the bathtub before I'm done
WHO DOES THE DISHES: Me and my new dishwasher! Yippee Damon and the kids help out when they know mom isn't sane however.
WHO SLEEPS ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BED: Me! He has to be closest to the door in case of intruders! Or the occasional scarey creeky sounds I hear!
WHO PAYS THE BILLS: Me. I love Excel spreadsheets. I probably make it more complicated than it needs to be. But we always know how much money we have!
WHO MOWS THE LAWN: That would be me! It's like a tiny yard though. I could use my kitchen scissors to do it.
WHO COOKS DINNER: I do. But he makes a mean omelet. And has just recently perfected his chocolate chip cookies!
MORE STUBBORN: Flip a coin. I don't know. It' not an issue at our house.
KISSED WHO FIRST: I believe it was a mutual lean.
WHO ASKED WHO OUT FIRST: Set up. But he came over to visit me again first.
WHO PROPOSED: He did. At our favorite climbing spot.
WHO IS MORE SENSITIVE: About what? If it's BYU football I'd say Damon. Now if we're talking Jane Austin that would be me.
WHO HAS MORE FRIENDS: We share friends.
WHO WEARS THE PANTS: Again..Will he be reading this? Just kidding. We make all major decisions together.
WHO ARE YOU TAGGING: Amy, Jinger, Heather and Jenny

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dinner Time

First off I would like to give props to the individual who invented ranch dressing! It has to be in the top 10 creations of all time. Seriously what do carrots taste like...Ranch. What about lettuce...Ranch. Broccoli..you guessed it RANCH!!! I would probably never eat vegetables without this nectar from the gods.
If you haven't guessed we had a nice salad with dinner tonight. One idea we have tried in the past is the kids can earn rewards for trying new foods. So now Cru often tries to trick us by telling us he has never eating things before, Like say chicken, "but I've never eaten it like this before". He tried this again tonight with the tomatoes cut up in the salad. He hates tomatoes, but he told us that he would try them again to see if he liked them now. He had this very serious face on and muttering under his breath he started chanting, "it's going to taste good..it's going to taste good." his face grimacing more and more the closer it came to his mouth. Finally one last gonna taste good and in it went.....He promptly gagged and stated he still didn't like tomatoes. So much for positive affirmations. He should of put some ranch on it!