Sunday, June 14, 2009

Landscape Arch

Hiked to Landscape Arch Saturday...from end to end it is as long as a football field!

We saw this friendly lizard along the way. He was pretty big and gave us a good show...digging holes and running in circles. The boys finally got brave enough to touch him after a couple minutes.

Ava, on her throne! Yes, now that we know we're having another little boy I'm afraid she's going to get more spoiled than ever :)

Check out that budha belly...4 months left!

Nothing wears them out more than a good ol' hiking/camping trip!

Corbin Becomes Thanksgiving Dinner

Went to Moab this weekend and camped by the Colorado River. The boys slept in their own tent with some friends. The above picture is the result of leaving the tent partially unzipped after bathroom breaks. Poor Corbin became thanksgiving dinner for some very lucky mosquitos. He'll be celebrating his 5th birthday this week looking like he's going through puberty.