Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Accident

I'm going to start calling Corbin Biff! Take a look at "I do all my own stunts" post. He had another doozie.

Volleyball Tournament

This last weekend I was asked to go to a volleyball tournament in Moab. It was a great time! I haven't been able to play on that level of competition in a long time. Damon was very supportive as usual and let me have the whole day to myself and the court. I was very intimidated when I walked in seeing spandex and t-shirts that said Utah State, BYU and other colleges and
universities. But once I got playing and having fun with my awesome teammates I felt comfortable. I was setter and obviously the shortest on my team but it was great fun setting them all and seeing them slam it down. Just in case any of you go to a volleyball tournament in the near future let me give you a heads-up on the fashion...either you wear long socks and tiny shorts or tiny socks and long shorts. If your socks and shorts meet at the knee you are soooo not
cool. :) I've been out of the volleyball loop for like 10 years so I was on the edge of being sooo not cool. But my shoes rocked once again (pink snake skin Jordan's) thanks to mi hermano. Thanks Mike! Damon and the kids came as well.
When my team wasn't playing we explored shops in town and went on walks. We found this fun little waterfall and got our feet wet. It was like 70 degrees and we all came home with a bit more color to our winter white bodies. It was a fun weekend.

Shaggy to Slick

The boys have been growing their hair out this winter. They were looking a little shaggy when Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit and I think I heard, "They need a haircut" like 50 times. So I caved in and cut it all off. Here are some before and after shots. Can you tell Corbin doesn't like getting a hair cut? "Mom don't cut me with those crazy things okay!" Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday

After a wonderful day at church, three Easter egg hunts, 6 bags of candy and two dozen hard boiled eggs our celebrating is at an end. We had a great Easter. Grandma and Grandpa Bryant were able to come for a visit. Although it was windy, the sun was still shining so we went on lots of walks.

I asked the kids what their favorite part of Easter was. Here is their reply...

Cru "I liked painting the eggs with that glow in the dark paint"

Corbin "Picking up eggs at the baseball place"

Hope you all had a great day! It's always refreshing to reflect upon Christ's atonement. The plan of salvation is a wonderful thing. I'm grateful it's so simple and my children can understand it even now. What a blessing it will be to live all together again some day.