Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Off To School and Tea Parties

The other day Corbin and I were outside pulling weeds in the garden. Corbin had just gotten a nose bleed so he had a rolled up piece of tissue in his nose. My friendly neighbor (who is a on his own) came out and while chatting it up with us saw Corbin's predicament. He promptly went inside his house and came out with some cayenne pepper. He said, "If you put that in that boys food every day he'll never have another nose bleed."

I thanked him but was puzzled on how you put Cayenne pepper in the meals of a 5 year old and expect him to eat it.
That night I made taco soup *with cayenne pepper* and to say thanks to our neighbor took a tupperwear full over to him.
Anyway the very next day there was a tinkerbell table and chair set sitting on our front porch with the taco soup tupperwear sitting right on top.

And now thanks to our cayenne pepper eating generous grandpa neighbor Ava and her little friends get to have tea party on the front porch quite often.
And while Ava is busy having tea parties Cru and Corbin are busy at school. Today was Corbin's first day and he was pumped. He was brave as ever getting on the bus and didn't even want us to meet him at the school to show him to his classroom.

Damon visited the school however and found that even after eating a big breakfast this morning they went to the cafeteria and ate again! Damon said Corbin looked like he was going to explode but went hop, skipping and jumping out to the playground to get some playing time in before the big day started.

All I have to say is I'm a big ball of emotions. Being pregnant I'm sure doesn't help but I cried last night when Corbin hugged me and said, "I'll miss you while I'm gone" and wouldn't let go of my neck. Then to see him leaving this morning just shot me a new wave of tears.
*Oh and just to let you know Corbin has only had one nose bleed since the inclusion of cayenne pepper to some of his meals. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some recent pictures

Cru's First Day of 2nd grade

Army time
Our new pup Kaiser